Welcome to CoERE website.


The Centre of Excellence for Renewable Energy was established in 2009 to strengthen and rationalise the UNIMAS research, demonstration and development efforts in all renewable energy technologies. CoERE is dedicated to accelerate the deployment and grid integration of renewable energy and low carbon generation technology through the utilization of Wind, Tidal Wave, Biomass, Hydro Power, Solar PV and Solar Thermal energy.

As we step into this new era, there are high technological demand for ecology, energy saving, resources, and preservation of environment. Development of technologies for alternative energy for the reduction of energy consumption is an emergent issue.

CoERE is grouped into several teams which have been directing all our efforts toward helping to develop clean energy systems. We are inviting any organization to collaborate with us. We hope CoERE becomes a catalyst for our future direction on green energy development.


Associate Professor Dr. Azhaili Baharun